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How to host the play

Written by Helen Moulder and Sue Rider, Playing Miss Havisham has been designed to tour New Zealand and play in small spaces – little theatres, community halls, libraries, marae, art galleries, living rooms and shearing sheds. Lights and sound are both carried and operated by Helen herself with a small dimmer board on stage and a remote control for the minidisk player. Most of the time, Helen is travelling by herself with Richard Mapp’s music on the sound system.

2008 dates
February: Waikato (including the Hamilton Gardens Festival - Feb 17th & 18th)
March: Hawke’s Bay, Bay of Plenty, Coromandel, Auckland
April: Auckland, Northland, other North Island places
May/June: Queensland
June/July/August/September: Wellington area
October/November: London”

Space required
Helen needs at least 5m x 3m in which to perform, plus two spaces at the back of the seating (1m x 1m) for the two lighting stands. Please measure the open space in your room and discuss with Helen how many people would fit in comfortably. The maximum number in flat spaces is 50 with no more than 3 rows. If there is a low stage or graded seating, more can be accommodated.

Packing in and out
Packing in takes about two and a half hours, either the day or night before or the morning of the show. Packing out after the show takes about one hour. Someone strong to help unloading and loading for an hour both times would be much appreciated.

The play has been designed primarily as a community cultural and social occasion and as well as that, it can also be a fundraiser. These are the costs:

20 people - $450 (minimum)
20 - 30, $450 plus $15 a head over 20
30 - 40, $600 plus $12 a head over 30
40 - 50, $720 plus $10 a head over 40
50 and over, $820 plus $8 a head over 50
SCHOOLS - $10 a head, with a minimum of $450
NB. Numbers over 60 can only be accommodated if there is a stage.

Ticket Prices
Where it is a small audience of 20 in someone's home, $25 is the suggested ticket price. Where it is a community event only, suggested prices are $20 - $25 (full) $15 - $20 (seniors) $10 (students) or sometimes a little more if supper is provided. If it is a fundraiser, $5 - $10 can be added to those prices.

Most individuals and groups do their own advertising through their email networks. Helen can provide a master media release and email flyer, to which you can add your own information and send on, a master colour poster and black and white flyer, both with spaces in which you can add your own information and then photocopy. There are also free programmes for the audience.

If you are interested in finding out more about hosting Playing Miss Havisham, please contact Helen: Mobile: 0274 987 580 Email:
Address: PO Box 9116, Marion Square, Wellington.

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