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How to host a show

If you are interested in having Gloria’s Handbag in your home, meeting room, little theatre, library, church or community hall, contact Helen on or Mobile: (64) 0274 987 580

REQUIREMENTS: a minimum of 3.5 metres by 2.5 metres for the acting area; plenty of light in the acting area OR I may be able to bring some lights; a minimum of 20 people and maximum of 45 on the flat, more if there's a stage or raised area; access to set up at least two hours beforehand or earlier in the day; help with unloading the van (one person for 45 mins) and packing up afterwards (30 mins); show times can be any time of day or evening up to 7.30pm; I usually hold a short discussion about the play afterwards; cost: $25 per head, reductions for groups over 20.

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