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Sue Rider and I are very pleased to announce the publication in one volume of the four plays we have written together over the last twenty years - Meeting Karpovsky, Playing Miss Havisham, Gloria’s Handbag and The Bicycle & the Butcher’s Daughter.

Over the years people have approached us to read our scripts and we have provided the odd typewritten version. Bringing our plays together for the first time in this publication is very thrilling, a wonderful way of responding to our audiences and of recording our productions.

Even though we live in separate countries, Sue and I have managed to collaborate on the phone, with email and now of course with zoom, plus the precious times we can be together in the same place.

The four plays are quite distinct in style and content. Yet all present a lively and often humorous exploration of ordinary and extraordinary women (and a few men), each trying to find their way out of what feels like an impossible situation. The characters are thrown back onto their own resources, and invariably, the outcome is unexpected. With each play we’ve tried to break new ground in storytelling. Meeting Karpovsky incorporates ballet, Playing Miss Havisham features a transformational wedding dress, Gloria’s Handbag includes magic tricks, opera and a talking handbag, while The Bicycle & the Butcher’s Daughter involves a mysterious bicycle.

"Like the butcher’s daughter’s bike, each play is more than the sum of its parts: profound, personal, universal, metaphorical, funny, poignant, eccentric and inspiring."

 - John Smythe, Managing Editor,  
     Author: The Plays of Bruce Mason (Playmarket, VUP); Downstage Upfront (VUP)  


Price: $35NZ (plus postage) 

New Zealand



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